Artist Statement



The body of my sculptural practice is formed from ideas of containment, preservation and facades of the physical and emotional ideals found within human desires.  I make and combine

materials often with found and sourced readymade objects, setting them up in dangerous liaison with each other.   Within the work I combine traditional forms of sculpting such as

casting and modelling with alternative methods of construction, incorporating stitching or digital photography, each specifically chosen to be a contributing factor in the visual language of the

piece. My research has taken me to both contemporary and historical arenas where these have manifested into the unrelenting and obsessive.  Where boundaries have become blurred

between reality and fantasy often leading into realms of the fetish, it is here where I find many of my influences.


Throughout my work one of my main interests lies in the exploration of feeling and sensation through materials.   Although I often incorporate cultural reference points I aim to obscure

meaning or narrative in order to allow the nature of the materials that I work with and the perception of them to be the defining catalyst between form and understanding.  These vary extensively

with each work and are used as extensions of a concept or in opposition to, creating a paradox or tension within the piece. 


As most of the materials and objects I use are often found in everyday utilitarian or domestic realms, the viewer brings with them their already formed tangible and psychological perceptions. 

The work plays upon this as things are not quite how they first appear, there lies within the work a duality and uncertainty, things are hidden beneath the surface physically and metaphorically

placing the viewer in the unsettling realms of ‘the uncanny’.  Through this my aim is to open a dialogue between the viewer and the piece creating an involved and active experience.